CRONOBE for horses


CRONOBE is a mixed feed produced by culturing soil bacteria in specific manner. It is effective for improving intestinal microflora, resulting in increase of health promotion.



  • There are about 2.1 billion microbe in CRONOBE. (g/dry weight)
  • Over 25 species bacteria live together in well balance.

For example, Bacillus, Lactobacillus, Streptoccus, Clostridium, Saccaharomyces, Candida utilis and so on.

  • We use organic rice bran.
  • We can use safety that one because raw materials are sterilized.
  • Microbe in CRONOBE is alive because we have done air drying.

<The effect can be expected>

i. Health promotion

  • The bad bacteria such as Coliform bacteria and so on decrease 1/1000, the good bacteria such as Lactobacillus and so on increase 1000 fold by CRONOBE.
  • Improve intestinal microflora, resulting in strengthen the immune system and inhibit scours colic.

ii.Prevent disease

  • The intestinal microflora and barn are filled with useful microbe, resulting in prevent growth of bad microbe.

iii.Growth promotion

Digestion absorption, rate of gain, have a good appetite, and healthy skins get better. In addition, the hoof get strong and rebirth rapidly.

iv.Rate of gain promotion

  • Improving heat cycle and rate of gain.
  • Mares recover condition rapidly after foal.

v. Decrease odor of feces

  • CRONOBE decrease odor of feces such as NH3, H2S, CH3SH and so on.